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The Future You

Here is a two-part exercise:

Part #1

In less than two minutes – 120 seconds – quickly write as fast as possible what you hope is true about you on the last day of your life. Don’t edit. Just write for 60 seconds.
How do you want to feel? What people do you want to be near you? Where will you be financially? Spiritually? In what activities will you participate? Where will you be living? How will you feel physically?

We all want to go out on a high-note – so what does a “high-note” look like to you?? Did you do that? Any surprises?

Part #2

Here is another two-minute burst of writing: For those things in Part #1 to be true at the end of your life, what should happen over the next 36 months? What are the things you can do now to help you get to where you want to be eventually?

We at Questcare believe if you will answer the two parts above, you can quickly focus on where you should live and work today. The choices you make today impact your whole journey. We are not the right practice for every physician, but if our corporate structure, ownership track, and culture fits into your life goals, then we know you will thrive here.

Want to know where you should work as a physician? Then take a few minutes to decide where you want to end your journey in life. You will soon gain perspective about what best fits today into your life.