An Envision Healthcare Affiliate

Overview for Hospitals

Questcare is a patient care organization with a history of demonstrated quality in patient care services. Questcare is a physician-owned and operated provider group that began delivering quality medical services in 1996. Questcare has grown into a multi-specialty practice consisting of over 750 providers in 56 facilities in multiple states.

Questcare has become a nationally-recognized leader in hospital-based provider services. Questcare has demonstrated success in combining excellent practitioners with sound management and business expertise to achieve outstanding results for patients, medical staff colleagues, and hospital administration.

Since that date, Questcare has been known by the assumed name “Questcare Partners” a truly democratic Emergency Medicine group characterized by a one-member/one-vote policy.Questcare’s Board of Directors and the elected officers now consist entirely of members of its full-time physician staff. Because of our proven dedication to quality and success, Questcare has had the opportunity to expand its emergency medicine services to branch out into other specialties including pediatric hospitalist, internal medicine hospitalist, intensivist, and Ob-Gyn hospitalist services.

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Our Vision

To Achieve the Status, Recognition, and Reputation as The Premier Patient Care Organization Providing Integrated Patient Care Services.

Our Mission

  • To provide a full range of patient care services of the highest quality
  • To deliver all company services with the utmost respect and dignity
  • To hire and maintain the best and brightest physicians and other required healthcare and administrative personnel
  • To create effective partnering relationships with our healthcare clients to achieve common business goals and objectives
  • To develop an atmosphere of entrepreneurialism throughout the organization
“Every day, we strive to make Questcare Partners the best organization for our partners, patients and hospital teams. Our goal is to provide long-term, rewarding medical careers. I challenge you to explore our group to the fullest extent. I am sure that you will be impressed!”John Myers, MD, FACEP, FAAP, President

“There is a noticeable difference when you are a Questcare Partner. You feel it immediately in the camaraderie, the dedication, and commitment each of us have. If you want more; more personal growth, more opportunity, more satisfaction, you need look no further. Questcare Partners invites you to find what you are looking for in a satisfying career with our premiere emergency medicine group.”Stewart Coffman, MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer