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Post-Acute Care

Questcare Matrix is dedicated to providing the highest quality post-acute care for our hospital partners, post-acute facilities, and patients.

Our Goal

To provide unsurpassed post-acute care and to foster long-term relationships with our partner hospitals and post-acute facilities. We strive to reduce preventable readmissions and provide the highest level of post-acute oversight available in the market. In addition to providing a quality practice environment, we create the flexibility for our providers to enjoy the life they deserve.

“ Questcare Matrix strives to deliver exceptional care in the post-acute and senior living environment. By focusing on the development of high-quality providers and their placement in strategic clinical settings, we hope to meaningfully impact this deserving patient population.”

Grady Goodwin, MD, Regional Medical Director, Questcare Matrix

Advantages of Questcare Matrix for post-acute facilities:

  • Enabling provider collaboration and communication
  • Creating best practices and standards for post-acute care
  • Real-time clinical alerts
  • Continuity of care from acute care facility to post-acute facility to primary care handoff
  • Leveraging data to improve clinical care

Download the Questcare Matrix Facility Network Guide


Advantages of Questcare Matrix for our partner hospitals:

  • Focus on delivery of triple-aim results
  • Leveraging data to create care plans
  • Close the loop to keep patients in hospital system
  • Use telemedicine to bring in specialists in post-acute setting to reduce preventable readmissions

Advantages of Questcare Matrix for our patients:

  • Trusted, proven medical providers
  • Customized outreach for high-risk patients with chronic conditions
  • Empowering patients to give them a voice in designing long-term healthcare goals
  • Easy access to referral services to connect patients to primary care and specialist physicians