An Envision Healthcare Company

Emergency Medicine

Questcare Partners is a premier Emergency Medicine organization led by practicing Emergency Medicine Physicians. We provide state-of-the-art emergency care for over 770,000 patients each year. Our mission is to deliver a full range of emergency services of the highest quality with the utmost respect and dignity and to foster successful long-term relationships based on partnership, equality, and democracy.

Unique Advantages of Questcare

  • Cutting-edge emergency medicine and facilities
  • Experienced emergency medicine colleagues
  • Exceptional compensation and benefits
  • Enjoyable locations and lifestyle

Quality Practice
Questcare provides emergency services in 19 exceptional hospitals and two free-standing emergency departments located throughout Texas and Oklahoma. With emergency department volumes ranging between 15,000 and 64,000 visits per year, our facilities are located in high-growth areas with excellent patient demographics. New physician members can join colleagues dedicated to a single facility, giving them the opportunity to establish a rewarding practice. The facilities offer optimal staffing ratios, equitable scheduling and opportunities for administrative involvement. Our physicians also benefit from a collegial environment and the security of stable hospital relationships.

Quality Lifestyle
In addition to a great practice, our physicians have the flexibility to enjoy life as they deserve. Our locations across Texas and Oklahoma have a great deal to offer, including affordable homes, highly-rated public and private schools, and family-oriented communities. Each area also has its own unique benefits, from rich cultural environments to professional sporting events and world-class shopping.