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Post-Acute Care

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Questcare Matrix is dedicated to providing the highest quality post-acute care for our hospital partners, post-acute facilities, and patients.

Our Goal

To provide unsurpassed post-acute care and to foster long-term relationships with our partner hospitals and post-acute facilities. We strive to reduce preventable readmissions and provide the highest level of post-acute oversight available in the market. In addition to providing a quality practice environment, we create the flexibility for our providers to enjoy the life they deserve.

Dr Grady Goodwin

“Questcare Matrix provides essential post-acute care that is the next step after hospital discharge. Matrix mixes best-in-class technology with high-quality clinical care to make sure patients receive a seamless transition to the post-acute setting.”

Grady Goodwin, MD, Regional Medical Director, Questcare Matrix

Advantages of Questcare Matrix for post-acute facilities:

  • Enabling provider collaboration and communication
  • Creating best practices and standards for post-acute care
  • Real-time clinical alerts
  • Continuity of care from acute care facility to post-acute facility to primary care handoff
  • Leveraging data to improve clinical care

Download the Questcare Matrix Facility Network Guide


Advantages of Questcare Matrix for our partner hospitals:

  • Focus on delivery of triple-aim results
  • Leveraging data to create care plans
  • Close the loop to keep patients in hospital system
  • Use telemedicine to bring in specialists in post-acute setting to reduce preventable readmissions

Advantages of Questcare Matrix for our patients:

  • Trusted, proven medical providers
  • Customized outreach for high-risk patients with chronic conditions
  • Empowering patients to give them a voice in designing long-term healthcare goals
  • Easy access to referral services to connect patients to primary care and specialist physicians