Dedicated to Delivering Quality, Efficient Medical Care

Questcare Partners is a physician-owned and operated group based in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area dedicated to delivering quality, efficient medical care. Our physicians work as emergency medicine doctors, hospitalists, and intensivists in several world-class hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as locations in El Paso, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Denver, Colorado. We also operate primary care and urgent care clinics in the Dallas area.

Questcare providers enjoy many benefits working on the Questcare team. We value expertise and hard work, while also embracing a healthy work-life balance. It’s important that our Emergency Medicine (EM), Intensivists, Pediatricians, Hospitalists, Ob/gyn Hospitalists and Primary Care physicians and midlevels find a balance between their careers in medicine and their lives outside the hospital or clinic.

Why Choose Questcare?

Our approach to primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine, and other specialties allows our physicians to do what they care most about – provide quality medical care to patients. We take care of the business end of their work through efficient management. Our group is owned and operated by its physician members. As part of the large Questcare team, our physicians receive excellent compensation and an excellent benefits package.

Accepting Applications for Emergency Medicine Physicians, Intensivists, Pediatricians, Hospitalists, Ob/gyn Hospitalists and Primary Care Doctors

New physicians from any of our medical roles join colleagues dedicated to a single facility, giving them the opportunity to establish a rewarding practice. Our facilities offer optimal staffing ratios, equitable scheduling and opportunities for administrative involvement. Our physicians and midlevels also benefit from a collegial environment and the security of stable hospital relationships. Search for physician jobs now.